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“Knowledge itself is power” – (F. Bacon)

Ok, ok, stop it, thats not the Bacon you’re now thinking of, and no it’s not that guy on the EE advert. The man responsible for this quote is in fact; Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, inclusive of many other facets to his name, one of which being a Viscount!

An interesting fact whilst we are on the subject of Francis’ dedicated enthusiasm for knowledgeable & scientific pursuits. Supposedly he died of pneumonia, contracted while studying the effects of freezing on the preservation of meat, go figure! *Cough* back on track Sam. 

Before we get started, first lets take a look at what exactly knowledge is? Knowledge can be defined as “facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.” (Oxford Dictionary) Whether knowledge has concerned techniques of farming, fighting, fornication or indeed business, it is arguably perceived that individuals, and groups of whom are knowledgeable or as (Richard D Brown) refers to them as being “‘In the Know’”, “…command powers that the ignorant lack”.  It is in following these footsteps that a great degree of an Intranet’s or individuals capabilities can be seen.

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So what is the primary basis of creating an intranet? I would argue that its the ability to share knowledge across a broad range of subjects, suitable to the scale of the business and its requirements. With a growing economic reliance on knowledge, of which is being sold and requested as a commodity good through consultancy and mentorship these days; this can be seen in the age old “We prefer at least three years experience…” within job descriptions. Why is that? Why is experience or knowledge prefered over, what could be an otherwise promising successful candidate. Well my friends I would refer you back to this blog’s title! 

To help provide some context. The Home Office operate in such a way that requires immediate access to guidance manuals for dealing with specific situations. That could even concern immigration laws, to make an informed decision on who enters the UK. Without a secure way of accessing this information, you take away the ability to share knowledge. Without that ability to share this knowledge, you then lose the power to perform your job, along with various other implications. Not good news huh? 

Knowledge no matter the subject & scenario is your friend. Get to know it, covert it, and apply it to your daily activities. I can assure you, you will see benefits you didn’t think possible.

So let me leave you with this thought and build on a well know quote:

“Knowledge is power, but you have the power to become knowledgeable!”

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