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Our new features and improvements – 4.40 release summary

We released Invotra 4.40 on Wednesday 25th September 2019

In this release we are proud to launch our new application enabling the integration of Jira within Invotra Groups.

We have also added customisation to our Groups landing page and increased the availability of the reporting feature for inappropriate content.

Users are able to view Jira task content on group posts

Once a user has connected to the Jira app, they can view Jira task content in their groups. The details available include the project key, summary, priority, status and assignee.  If a user is not connected to the app, they will see plain text or link reference to the Jira task instead.
An example of the Jira integration in action

Webmasters can switch Jira integration for Groups on or off

When configuring what’s possible on your intranet, Webmasters have the power to enable or disable Jira integration for Invotra Groups.
Confirmation message that Jira connected to the intranet by webmaster

Authenticating Jira accounts to view and add Jira content in group posts

We have made it possible for users can to connect to Jira in a matter of clicks before taking advantage of the new integration.

Users are able to post or view Jira content in a group. Additionally users can connect or configure their integrations from the User profile menu and a new manage apps tab on the User profile screen, where any available apps, including Jira will be displayed.

The manage apps tab open in Account settings, confirming the user is connected to Jira and a disconnect button

Customise your Groups landing page with widgets

It’s now possible to customise one of Invotra’s most popular apps. All Webmasters need to do is access the Groups landing page, select ‘customise page’ and start to arrange and add new widgets.  This gives organisations the power to highlight important policies, guides and other information in a location that’s all about interaction and collaboration.
In place editor page with layout customisation
Groups application landing page with Group categories, and all available groups listed

Increasing the scope to report inappropriate content

Reporting inappropriate content is now more widely available for users across Invotra’s content types and apps. Once a Webmaster enables the option in Invotra admin, users can select ‘report’ in all group posts and content types.
Report button shown on a group post

Release summary

Here’s a breakdown of the release in numbers:

New features and improvements: 6

Bugs squashed: 23

Security fixes: 0

Internal tasks: 5

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