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Our support for Ukraine

Like many tech firms out there, we are reliant on great devs around the world, and in our case, from Ukraine. In our group, we now have three trading companies, all of which have super Ukrainian dev and tester colleagues on their teams. Up until Wednesday last week, our Ukrainian colleagues were helping our business with various projects. On Thursday, everything in their world changed dramatically and horrifically when the Russian army, under Putin’s orders, rolled into their country.

We have been in constant contact with our Ukrainian colleagues ever since the invasion occurred. Some are scared, having to deal with the shelling of their neighbourhoods or the constant air raid alarms in the middle of the night. Some are preparing for their defense by making Molotov cocktails, or engaging in various cyber battles. All of them are courageous and resilient.

As a company, we are offering support to all of our Ukrainian colleagues in the following ways:

– keeping the lines of communication open with them
– financial assistance
– technical assistance
– support with migration or travel, if they need
– indirect support through charitable or other causes they feel can help repel this act of war
– continuing to speak up on their behalf

Throughout the depressing and often helpless scenes we in the rest of Europe are witnessing through the media, one thing remains true and indomitable: the spirit and resolve of the Ukrainian nation and community is incredibly strong. Frankly, it’s jaw-droppingly inspiring.

I think I speak for everyone at Invotra when I say that we are closer now to our Ukrainian friends than ever before. When our developer partners are attacked, we are attacked. Wherever they are in Ukraine, be it Kyiv, Lutsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia or elsewhere, we are here to support them. And we look forward to their safe return to building great products with us, as and when Ukraine is rid of Putin’s army and the stability of Ukrainian sovereignty is restored and secured.


There are many local, national and international efforts to support the people of Ukraine, including by donating to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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