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Paul Zimmerman confirmed to speak at Intranet Now

Paul Zimmerman, COO Invotra has been confirmed as the 2nd speaker on the agenda for the Intranet Now conference on the 13th October at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London.

Invotra are seen as leaders of Innovation, particularly within the Digital Workspace. Known for their contribution to the Digital Transformation movement within UK Government and constantly pushing the boundaries to improve processes and deliver savings to the organisations that work with them.

In a talk titled ‘Intranet of Things – Innovation in the Workplace’. Paul will explore the future of the digital workspace.

Intranets have come a long way in the last 20 years. They’ve moved away from the basic HTML page that HR would have created to add policy links too. The intranet is now one of the biggest applications within an organisation.

Today they are used for collaboration, publishing and social networking. They can integrate with line of business systems and display content from other business applications, so that only one login is required.

They’re moving from being a publishing and collaboration platform to a business process and intelligence system. The data that they are capturing daily, the documents they hold and superior search and analytics mean they can be used for a multitude of business reasons.

The Intranet of Things is the next generation of the Intranet. The Intranet will become the place where data is captured from ‘things’ within the workspace. The data will be analysed and so accurate decisions about improving productivity, efficiencies or our environment can be made.

The Intranet of Things is the future of the digital workplace. Paul talk about what it means for users and how organisations will benefit from bringing it from concept to life.

Paul Zimmerman

Paul is the COO of Invotra, the engagement platform that is driving communications and conversations in government and enterprise. Invotra has more than 100,000 users in Home Office and HMRC alone.

He has spent the majority of his career at the forefront of innovative customer and user-centric propositions. In 1999, he joined the UK arm of where he was employee number three on the dedicated music team. After launching Amazon UK’s music business, Paul went on to lead Amazon’s UK music business for four years. Paul then led other well-known British ecommerce brands, including, where he was business development director for five years, and, where he was CEO for two years.

His speaking credentials include TEDx and the Chamber of Commerce.

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