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Product update – Bulk actions

Bulk actions: Speeding up content management in a matter of clicks

It’s now possible to select multiple items; change them from draft to published, move them to a different section, alter the owners and authors of content, as well as delete multiple items — all in a few simple clicks.

Previously, content creators and managers had to access individual pages, articles, manuals, etc. and change these details one at a time.

Bulk uploading files is also now a reality. You select the section they’re related to and who their author is, before dragging and dropping (or uploading) multiple files from your computer.

This is especially useful for organisations who want to quickly make all of their approved images and files available to their publishing communities.

Options buttons including filter results, bulk actions and bulk upload

Invotra Consulting worked closely with the UK Central Government to research and develop this latest improvement. Conducting interviews and feedback sessions throughout the process from discovery to prototype to staging.

Initially, only Webmasters and Publishers will have access to the new bulk action buttons.

Invotra intranet software is currently on a drive to reduce and simplify repetitive tasks, and give users back the vital time they need to focus on getting work done.

Bulk actions mark the first major improvement for Manage Content. Once it’s established, the functionality will spread throughout the product. For example, deleting sections with related content will become a much quicker and satisfying experience.

Upcoming changes include refinements to filters as well as adjustments to the overall structure of the area.

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