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Product update: Integrating with Zapier

Focus on what you do best and automate the rest

Invotra now works with Zapier and connects to more than 2,000 applications. An automation tool, Zapier lets you set up triggers and actions between the apps you use every day.

Instead of going from one app to another app and back again, you just do one thing, one time in one place — your intranet.

We want to reduce the distractions and free up your time so you can focus on what you do best at work.

Whether it’s Trello, Gmail, Slack or Microsoft Teams, stop repeating yourself and make everything flow through Invotra.

If you add a new Group in Invotra, you add a new channel in Teams. If you add files to OneDrive, you add files to an Invotra Group. It’s that simple…

Your single source of truth becomes your single source of productivity

Example Zaps

Example Zaps such as create a channel in MS teams, a file in onedrive, a post when an email is recieved in Gmail, or a task from Google task, a post when a new opportunity is created in INsightly and a release is created in Github

Zaps in action

jira zap example

How to set up a zap

If you are a customer and want to access the Zapier app, get in touch with our Customer Success team and we’ll have you up and zapping in no time.

Rachael Alderlieste
Head of Customer Success
+44 (0)7983 749433

To find out more about Zapier, here’s a link to the basics of creating a zap.

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