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Product update: Read-only access

Safeguard your users from friction and protect them from inappropriate interactions

Our close relationships with customers help us identify and prioritise the changes they need to focus on doing great work. An unexpected example of this, is the new read-only access.

You might assume the kind of flair-ups that often occur across social media won’t happen on a workplace intranet and extranet like Invotra, but that’s not the case. Instances of friction and offence have been reported to us by our customers.

Even though our flagging and moderation features let people report inappropriate content, posts, comments, and replies; our customers wanted to have more control and preventative power over individuals.

The read-only access role gives webmasters the control to stop individuals from doing anything other than consuming content on their site.

This might be while an investigation runs its course, or could be the outcome of an investigation, where an individual is banned from commenting for 6 months.

For the managing teams and publishers, the read-only access role frees up their time to better connect their users to the information they need to work. They no longer have to worry about moderating and managing problem users.

Setting up the read-only role

The process is manual and done by webmasters in Administration, it can be done and undone in a matter of minutes. Read the guidance on how to apply or remove the role on

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