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Product Update — Video Streaming

Upload, host and share exclusive video content

When it comes to getting people’s attention, the most effective medium is video. In fact, it’s predicted online videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 — up 15 times from 2017.

Up until now, Invotra customers could easily embed videos from the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. With Invotra Video though, the streaming of exclusive content can become a seamless part of an organisation’s comms strategy.

Invotra intranet homepage showing video content

Host 2 to 3 hour long videos before adding them to the relevant sections of your site or integrating them with existing content. Get the message out, share exciting updates, and promote important policy changes, all via video.

Videos guarantee engagement, making content more digestible and increasing interactivity among employees. Whether it’s a meeting playback or a series of training videos, feel confident people are absorbing the information they need.

Another emerging and significant trend is ‘YOUcasting’, that is, employees getting their voice heard whether they’re in the office or working from home through video.

As many of Invotra’s customers have been ‘WFH’ since 2020, this gives employees the opportunity to organically create an open and inclusive work culture as face to face interactions start to become more frequent.

The way you manage videos is simple, just upload your file and copy the video link. Then, when creating or editing content, select the new video icon, paste in your link and save. Your video is ready to be streamed by anyone who has access.

Users can rate, like, share and comment on videos as people can do with all current content mediums on Invotra today. If footage is judged to be inappropriate, flag it for immediate moderation.

Invotra Video is in its first phase of progress, with an app set for release later in 2021.

Here’s a what you need to know about Invotra Video:

  • No time restriction and unlimited storage

  • Search for videos straightaway

  • High quality video display

  • Videos are secure as they are privately hosted

  • There are no ads or pop ups

  • Add closed captions for accessibility

If you’re interested in video editing software to create your own how-tos, Invotra’s UX Lead recommends Camtasia by TechSmith or Loom. It lets you record your screen, add pop ups, highlight your cursor, and more.

Whatever the information or message: upload, host and share all of your exclusive video content using Invotra intranet software and services.

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