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Productivity boosted: Invotra now integrates with Jira

At Invotra, we are continuously developing our product so that people can do their best work. By integrating with Jira, one of the world’s leading project management tools, we are speeding up the connections people need to make with business-critical information.

Jira integration in action in Groups

Groups in Invotra is a go-to app for our users when it comes to updating, planning and implementing projects. Naturally, we knew Groups and Jira would make a great combination.

Through Jira’s powerful API, team members and project managers can now simply type the code of their Jira task or paste a link within a Group post and the information for that task will automatically appear. 

This means no more navigating away or flicking between tabs, as you have all the relevant details seamlessly displayed on the page.

An example of the Jira integration in action

An example of the Jira integration in action.

If you are a customer who wants to configure your Jira integration, please take a look at the Jira integration page on

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