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Pursuing Your Passion

A bit about me

After studying Electronics at GCSE and absolutely loving it, I decided that what I wanted was to pursue a career in Electronics. So for my A-Levels, I studied Maths, Physics and Computing to further my goal of going to University to do Electronic Engineering. This was my first proper introduction to computing, using Java to create a GPS tracking application.

I then carried on to university studying Electronic Engineering where as well as doing all the circuit and control theory I continued to do Java, C and Assembler.
But while at university I slowly came to the realisation that what I was really enjoying was the computing side of the course.

So after two years of university, I decided that continuing with a course that I was not passionate about was pointless. After considering all my options I decided to look at getting an apprenticeship as a possible avenue of getting into computing.

Passion is so important in life, people are drawn to and inspired by passionate people. When I first came to Invotra I was struck by how passionate everyone is about what they are doing.

I’m really hoping that this apprenticeship will inspire me and increase my passion for computing as well as giving me that practical experience with which I can build a career.

What have I learnt so far?

I have spent my time so far getting to grips with Invotra and getting to know the rest of the staff. The time I’ve spent looking at invotra, two things have stood out for me; the first thing was its simplicity to use, after an afternoon playing around with Invotra I felt confident in using most of its functionality. It has such an intuitive interface that it doesn’t feel confusing and there aren’t complicated menus to get lost in. The second is its flexibility. It can be customised in almost every way, it is fully adaptable to the needs of the client, rather than saying we’ve got this product which does xyz it says we’re not trying to solve a single ‘one fits all’ problem but instead we’re solving your problem whilst identifying overlooked issues and addressing those too.

What I’m looking forward to

After the first week of settling in and getting used to how things are done, I’m most looking forward to starting work with clients and developing a professional relationship as part of the client services team here at Invotra. Asides from that, I have set myself a challenge to get my head around the company’s ticket system (Jira) which we use to manage & track all tickets as part of our projects. Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I will take on new tasks and challenges and learn a lot from the guys here and I’m really looking forward to it.

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