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Putting myself in the shoes of a customer – learning Invotra with no previous experience

Below we have a blog written by our new Technical Sales Apprentice, Miller Yuraszek.

Learning the product from scratch

During my first two weeks at Invotra, I had been appointed the task of having to learn about the company and its product, then present it in a scenario of a sales pitch.

This wasn’t just any random selection of people, this was to be presented to the founders of the company itself. To present in this task, I had to learn the product, of course. This completely from scratch, I had no knowledge of Invotra previously and I had no idea what to expect.

How did you find the process?

The main challenge I faced at the beginning was; how to use the product? I had no clue what an intranet was before stepping in the door at Invotra. 

Thanks to the intuitive nature of the product, as a new user, I found learning the functionality and capabilities of the product impressively smooth. Although it’s only been less than a month, the knowledge I have gained is exciting to say the least.

What are your first impressions of the product?

After the weeks of getting to know how the product functions, i’ve learnt that it is very flexible to use, even for someone that isn’t tech savvy like myself. The webmaster has the ability to control the looks as well as function of the intranet which is great. This allows an Intranet Manager (or users with the appropriate permissions) to create an image of exactly how they want the product to look, as well as how the users interact with one another or content.

To be able to have the capability to easily create content as well as interact and socialise on the intranet impressed me. The product has plenty of customisation tools that provide complete control to the webmaster(s). The one true value I was amazed with is the product’s ability to not have only one specific use, it is a complete multi-tool.

Invotra allows you to:

– Inform
– Engage
– Promote collaboration 
– Store, edit and interact with documents, including policies and manuals

And, many more functions!

It’s ironic that the company is called ‘Invotra Ltd’, because to be quite honest, the product is limitless.

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