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Restricted Sections: Creating Exclusive Areas of Information

Restricting content and the need-to-know basics

Your intranet should connect every employee to the information they need to do great work. It should be an open, engaging and collaborative experience.

Of course, there will always be exceptions where need-to-know restrictions need to apply; whether it’s sharing sensitive content with management or displaying content that just doesn’t need to be seen by everyone in your enterprise.

Creating these exclusive areas of information couldn’t be easier using Invotra Intranet. Whenever you create a section (a related collection of content), you simply add the appropriate individuals or teams as members and tick the restricted box. Done.

From there, only members of that restricted section will ever see it as a link in their navigation and be able to access all of its content.

Once you’ve established your members, assign local publishing roles and create a team of authors, editors, publishers and moderators. This will give people the powers to maintain the relevancy and quality of the restricted content.

Restricted sections lets you add more content without crowding your site. It adds focus to people’s workday, knowing that the information they can see and access is always relevant.

How our customers use restricted sections

Onboarding new members of staff

Before your new starters log on for day one, invite them as external users to your onboarding section. They’ll be able to find out about and message their team, upload the necessary documents, as well as order uniforms and equipment.

When day one comes along, turn them into an internal user and open up the rest of your intranet. They’ll feel like they know your enterprise in ways that would not be possible without restricted sections.

It also means new starters can focus on the job without having to spend days gathering up and sharing information with multiple departments like HR and IT.

Consolidating third party suppliers

Add all of your third party suppliers to extract information and open up communication. If there is a problem in or around one of your buildings that might affect other suppliers, get in front of it before it impacts your employees or ability to operate.

Speeding up content creation

If you employ an external writing agency or media team to produce news or promotional content, have them create that content directly on your site.

Add comments and refine details until you’re happy, and then all that’s left to do is relate the signed off page or article to a different, unrestricted section. No need to copy and paste and duplicate work.

Protecting sensitive information

When you want to keep everyone on the same page and in the same place, there’s no better way of doing that than with your Invotra Intranet. Even if the information you’re sharing is sensitive, rest assured that restricted sections is totally secure and only accessible to the members of your section.

How to set up restricted sections

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