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Retain, motivate and build loyalty in your workforce with Invotra

We all know how important employee engagement is, to say it’s a buzz word somehow degrades it’s worth, but that’s not the case. Employee engagement is a trend that’s here to stay. Organisations are realising the true potential in the people in their business. Retaining employees lowers staff recruitment and training costs and motivated staff are more productive and efficient. Fact!

But do you have the ability to really understand what your employees are saying, thinking and doing day in day out as they work? Whether employees are communicating internally or working together collaboratively? The key to employee cooperation and engagement is motivation, good leadership and empowerment in the workplace. How do we know if our staff are truly motivated? and if they’re not what motivates them? How can we improve this?

Invotra is more than an intranet, the value that Invotra adds to your organisation is immeasurable. Packaged as a Publishing and Collaboration platform, Invotra is at the heart of your organisation. It’s constantly in use, content is being added, edited, commented on and published every minute of every working day.

Employees speak to Invotra. Therefore, buried in all the different content types is real business intelligence. If you want to know more about your employee engagement, business processes, resource requests and even likes and dislikes, then the information is there and Invotra can find it for you.

For example: Find out who the real leaders and influencers are in the organisation? What topics do you get most cross-departmental collaboration on? What do people need most in the organisation to do their jobs properly? Connect with your teams better by finding out what language they’re using with their colleagues? Use the answers to these questions to develop and refine your employee engagement strategies.

Investing in digital solutions that provide processes your organisation requires to deliver sustained employee engagement, is paramount. After all, effective decisions are based on accurate information and data analysis.

The data created by your employees every day amounts to a massive live resource, that needs to be used. Use Invotra to scrutinise, analyse and report on the data that can save your organisation millions in staffing resolutions, external reporting and efficiencies and provide real business intelligence.

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