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Salesforce Integration

As Invotra matures and evolves, we continue to build out our API integrations to major third party apps. We’re delighted to announce our most recent connector, with Salesforce. Many public and private sector clients rely on Salesforce for CRM capabilities. Some however even like to use Salesforce for single sign-on to authenticate their external users in Invotra.

We’ve started to integrate Invotra with Salesforce, using it as an SSO (Single Sign On) provider. The SSO is using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) which defines 3 roles.

  1. User
  2. IDP (Identity Provider) authenticates you into a 3rd party application, in this case Salesforce.
  3. Service Provider (Invotra)

SAML enables users to authenticate into Invotra using their Salesforce login. Salesforce allows you to set it up as an IDP and configure Invotra as the service provider so they can effectively be set up as a connected application within Salesforce. The end user will then be able to log into Invotra 1 of 2 ways: by logging into their salesforce account, Invotra as a configured connect application will appear in a dropdown on the users Salesforce account. The other is to attempt to access Invotra directly which will redirect the user to a Salesforce login page and then redirect them back to Invotra fully authenticated. If they are already logged into Salesforce, their existing session will be recognised and they will immediately be redirected and authenticated into Invotra.

When they sign in they’ll be personalised with access to all the functionalities of Invotra. In the backend we are able to pull all the users from salesforce into Invotra by copying their profiles across so they pre populate Invotra with the already established user details.  If your users are maintained within salesforce it will be kept up to date in the background with Invotra on a daily basis. It will reflect changes made. Profile fields are mapped between the two applications which get pulled through from Salesforce to Invotra, up to 7 profile fields can be configured. For those fields which are pulled across from Salesforce on a daily basis, Invotra can be easily configured to display but stop users editing the details, and add additional help text to remind the users to alter these fields in their Salesforce account instead.

5 Benefits of integrating Salesforce:

  1. No need to remember multiple passwords as you can login with one account to access another.
  2. Greater security by decreasing human fallible password.
  3. Immediately populate Invotra with an existing user base from Salesforce.
  4. Individual users are immediately personalised with up to 7 fields from their Salesforce account.
  5. Changes to their Salesforce account fields will be pulled across to mapped Invotra fields on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about integrating Salesforce with Invotra, drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.

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