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The secret to employee engagement

Share micro-news updates with your colleagues using Invotra Message Wall

An issue for any organisation when it comes to increasing employee engagement is how to incentivise good work without having to use monetary rewards.

Now as much as we all love pay raises, the ability to reward your employees in an authentic, meaningful way is vital to any organisation focused on having an engaged workforce.

Why your organisation needs Message Wall

Invotra’s Message Wall application allows you to do anything from sharing micro-news updates to congratulating colleagues or even wishing people “happy birthday”. This ability may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but it is these little interactions, the “well done” or “congratulations on the new house” that make all the difference.

Message wall screenshot

When employees are engaged in this way regularly, they naturally feel more valued by their organisation, and as such will be less likely to look for positions elsewhere and more likely to go that extra mile when your business needs it most.

Message Wall features

Message Wall also allows staff interaction, through likes, rating, commenting and @mentioning, allowing your employees to create conversations themselves and become the drivers of change instead of just passengers.

Messages can also be moderated before or after they are posted.

Message type screenshot

Amplify employees’ voices –

Allow every user in your organisation a space to be heard, in an area dedicated to informal communication.

Create a community –

Allow your community to show they care, sharing messages of gratuity or kindness. Demonstrate how the little things can make a difference in your workplace.

Be informed –

Receive notifications if you are mentioned in a message, and view the levels of engagement through the Message Wall dashboard.

Message wall dashboard

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