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The importance of engaging employees by giving them a voice and making it heard

The need for engaged employees and a collaborative and inclusive employee experience via an  intranet is becoming evident. Employees are demanding digital transformation, be it intentional or inadvertently – and organisations have little choice but to respond. A survey by Deloitte (2021), found that there was a 20% increase in employee satisfaction and a corresponding 87% increase in employee retention in organisations that implemented social intranets.

With hybrid working becoming the norm, employees are faced with the need to access relevant information quickly and easily, whilst also requiring 2 way communication between employees, employers, teams and also groups.

The intranet has never been more relevant. While many organisations acknowledge they need a new intranet, there are some serious roadblocks on the path to an improved use of digital technology. With a myriad of solutions now available for communications, we are hearing of siloed communications within companies and the need to realign the organisation’s core values across the business.

The intranet can be the heartbeat of the organisation. Yet oddly, it’s something that’s often neglected by organisations, and often pushed down the list of priorities. Organisations often, focus instead on public facing platforms, neglecting the tools that support employees to fulfil their objectives and lead to an engaged workforce, happy and engaged employees tend to stay in their roles longer. Why is this?

Some organisations don't know where to start with their intranet

Prioritising and defining the user experience an organisation wants to create for their employees is the best place to start. Actively engaging with users throughout the business, listening to user feedback from all levels, from content publishers right through to read only users across a variety of digital skills levels, will help clearly define and understand user requirements.

Once evidence based objectives have been identified it is easier to support them with a solution or process.. It’s also much easier to secure a budget if the ROI related to a fulfilling employee experience can be identified. Too many businesses fail to see the significance of this.

Understanding how, and by whom, the intranet should be managed (and supported commercially) is also a key consideration. Getting buy in from all stakeholders and users in the role that technology, including the intranet, can play in supporting the overall objective – increased engagement, productivity and collaboration, is fundamental.

How an Invotra intranet could help

At Invotra, we offer organisations the ability to have an integrated and customisable experience with our Enterprise Intranet. We can help you to discover and define what your users require in an intranet and show you a roadmap of how to get there. With the flexibility to change so much in our product, we offer the best of breed intranet backed up with first class service via our Customer Success team, ensuring our clients are getting an ROI as quickly as possible.

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