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The triumphs and challenges of being a Junior Project Manager

Project Management at Invotra

The world today is rapidly changing and evolving, as is the same at Invotra.

We provide new releases to our product every 2 weeks. This means that there are frequent internal and external projects that need managing.

What is project management?

Project management is a role that involves planning, executing, maintaining control and supporting a team to achieve a given goal. Meeting specific product and business criteria is key.

The main things to take into account are being an accurate planner, exercising high levels of organisation and having the ability to successfully control various estimates from multiple departments to ensure a project is delivered on time.

Why I enjoy being a Project Manager at Invotra

I have been working at Invotra for just over 2 years and have been part of both the QA team and the Live Services team.

Six months ago, I was offered a fantastic opportunity to become a Junior Project Manager and I haven’t looked back. I naturally enjoy the project management role as I am an organised person and enjoy a challenge. I thrive on the pressure and find this role to be very rewarding. 

Invotra offers new and exciting challenges all the time with big, modern projects on the horizon. This allows me to use my decision-making and planning skills on a regular basis. One of the main reasons I enjoy project management at Invotra is because of the exciting projects I get to manage and deliver to our customers.

Being a project manager allows me to utilise my people skills and means I get to work with a group of fantastic people on a daily basis. 

I am currently taking an apprenticeship in Chartered Management as a degree which has excelled my existing skills and taught me new skills. It has definitely helped me understand what makes a good leader and manager.

Challenges faced as a Project Manager

As a Junior Project Manager, there are some large challenges that I face when delivering a project:

Conflicting priorities 

The easiest way to overcome this challenge is by making sure all priorities and resource are outlined at the start of the week. This ensures everyone is aligned with the upcoming priorities so nothing is missed or ignored. 

Geographically dispersed teams

A solution that I use to get around this challenge is daily, online meetings and calls with the external resources. This makes sure that they are involved and always up to date with the people in the office.


Although it’s impossible to predict every potential risk, with strategic planning and collecting information beforehand, I can anticipate which part of the project is potentially going to be a risk and will require more delicate attention. With that information, I can develop control measures to reduce that risk overall.

Overcoming these challenges is all part of the experience of being a project manager and without challenges, life would be boring.  

I can honestly say that taking the offer to become a Junior Project Manager at Invotra was the best decision I have ever made.

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