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Understanding Others

Recently we were asked to undertake a very basic and informal VARK test. This is comprised of a multiple choice test which helps identify which methods we as individuals prefer to learn or teach by.

Why is this important? By knowing that someone you interact with internally of the business has a different mental or physical practice which they prefer in order to absorb information and knowledge by, you can address how you might present or share said information with that person. The advantage of this is to transfer that knowledge as efficiently as possible to help another understand the notion or idea.

The four learning style outcomes are as follows:

Visual – ‘People with a strong visual preference for learning like: different formats, space, graphs, charts, diagrams, maps and plans’

Aural – ‘People with a strong aural preference for learning like: discussions, stories, guest speakers, chat’

Read / Write – ‘People with a strong read/write preference for learning like: lists, notes and text in all its formats and whether in print or online’

Kinaesthetic – ‘People with a strong kinaesthetic preference for learning like: senses, practical exercises, examples, cases, trial and error’

My results are depicted below and highlight that I am a mild kinaesthetic learner; meaning that I learn preferably through senses, practical exercises, examples, cases, trial and error. Whilst I would agree, I would also have expected a lower score for my read and write results, however, I think perhaps that my time at university has encouraged me to adopt more of this style and therefore improved my likelihood of its use and favourableness.

VARK results
What’s the takeaway? When we are able to identify a preference for something, it generally motivates and instils positive reinforcement toward that approach or tool and therefore encourages the reuse of it for purpose of achievement. By comprehending how others learn we are able to be adapt how we might present information to improve efficiency and transfer of that knowledge and therefore become more productive and form relationships from which we can continue to produce desired outcomes.

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