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What a good intranet provider delivers

Today I was discussing what are the key things that a good Intranet provider (SaaS or old school) delivers for clients and here are the 5 key areas we believe are critical.

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Great providers will be completely engaged in all the areas they are needed in, they have a great understanding of not only the systems but the environment within with the client is working in.  They will spend time getting to deeply understand the organisation, its people and its challenges as well as its ambitions.


We all work hard enough without having to deal with people hiding stuff and always looking to leverage any oppurtunity they get, it’s much nicer and simpler if everyone is completely open in every area. Open about the technology, open about the finances, etc, in short just be OPEN.  Being open is just good business and makes it easier for everyone to deliver what’s needed.

Focused on simplicity 

Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve, particularly in complex enterprise environments but great providers will make huge efforts to make every aspect as simple as possible.

Technical Excellence

It’s easy to be an expert on your own technology, but outside of the core intranet technology stack you have a much more diverse technology world that you have to work with, so a good provider will have a deep and broad technical range of expertise.

Aftercare is no longer after

In the old days you got a system and people promised great after-care, but in a world where everything changes constantly you have to have this embedded into your day-to-day life and no longer consider it after care, it’s more! You have to be constantly working with clients to react to their needs, constantly improving your services as well as your product.

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