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What a difference a year makes! Intranet Now from the other side

I’m delighted to say that Invotra will be returning to the Intranet Now conference as Platinum Sponsors.

I’ve told Wedge previously how I genuinely found it one of the best value work-related conferences that I’ve been to as a delegate (let alone independent intranet event). I’m thrilled to be going back to Intranet Now this year with Invotra, helping make those delegate places continue to be affordable!

As a delegate, Intranet Now gave me the chance to get together with and be inspired by like-minded people in charge of organising digital workplaces.

It’s a really immersive event that you can get involved in as much (or as little) as you’d like. If you attended last year, you may have spotted me last year on stage asking the audience for coping mechanisms to keep your head when all among you are full of criticism (managing intranets can be a lonely job, right?), or seen my sketchnotes, featuring amongst others, Paul Zimmerman’s talk on the Intranet of Things.

For Invotra, it gives us the opportunity to catch up with existing contacts and spread the word about our digital workspace, and how we can help organisations overcome the challenges they might face.

Paul will be sharing some of Invotra’s learnings about building accessible intranets for everyone, and Billy will be leading a cracking workshop. We’ll also be around in the World Cafe so do stop by and take a pew.

Therapy, for Intranerds

One of the other benefits of meet-up events like Intranet Now is the opportunity to share (read: vent, in my case) frustrations you might have in your current set up. I originally met the Invotra team at one of their excellent meet-ups at the IoD (watch this space as there’ll be more of THOSE to come too).

Having shared some of my frustrations with the limitations of my previous O365/SharePoint online intranet (not to mention the continual override of any custom work we did do to our intranet site) I was overjoyed by Fintan and Paul’s assurances that Invotra could overcome those challenges.

The answer to most questions I ask about the Invotra product is that ‘we can do pretty much anything’. So much so that it seems difficult to summarise in a few words.

The big technical grunty things that can scupper the best-intentioned communications platform seem to be ridiculously straightforward to Fintan and the team here.

Is your organisation made up of a number of different entities? They’ve got experience unravelling complicated AD integrations. Are you longing for a decent org chart? Invotra can also link in with your HR systems, bypassing that out of date AD data altogether if need be.

I received some brilliant advice (in the bar afterwards – definitely stay around for THAT) from James Robertson about worrying less about the things you can’t control, and letting go of things that are outside of your influence.

From branding, easy templates, layouts and content configuration to helpful widgets of joy, Invotra gives you back control of your digital workspace (and with SaaS we do the servicing, so you don’t have to).

As you might be able to tell, I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at Intranet Now in September (and perhaps at the summer drinks too) and meeting new people excited by (or at least involved with) intranets!

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