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What is UX and why is it so important?

User Experience (UX) covers the overall experience of a person using a product. UX focuses on offering an intuitive, accessible experience that provides ease of use.

If you work in product design, software development or are in a member of a team that builds websites or intranets, you will no doubt be familiar with the term user experience.

UX is now part of our everyday language and has become a catchall term which can mean many things.

UX, User experience, User-centered design

The phrase “user experience design” was coined by Donald Norman while he was Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple back in the 90’s.

Norman also wrote the best selling book ‘Design of Everyday Things‘ and is the co-founder and consultant at the Norman Nielsen group, the leaders in research-based user experience.

A business case for good user experience

Gone are the days when a business or enterprise could afford to ignore or underestimate the value of the user experience of services they offer or products they design.

Today UX forms an integral part of a business strategy.

This does not only result in better service or technology for consumers but can positively affect your return on investment (ROI), it increases your revenue and guarantees customer retention and can also reduce development costs and the risk of building a white elephant.

UX activities

As Invotra goes from strength to strength, our UX activities and processes continue to mature and evolve too.  Good user experience is not just the responsibility of our Product team, it is considered and practised by teams in all areas of the business and at all levels including our service.

Some of the activities we carry out are:

User interviews
Requirement gathering
Stakeholder interviews

Design review
Persona building
Task analysis
Writing user stories
Journey mapping
Prototype feedback and testing

Moderated and Unmoderated usability studies
Accessibility evaluation

Surveys or Polls
Analytics review
Q&A and talks and demos
Communication and collaboration on our customer portal

Building on success

Whether you’re part of a small start-up building a mobile app or a large enterprise managing an intranet, implementing UX activities into your workflow can only result in success.

At Invotra, we will continue to improve these to deliver a better experience for all our intranet customers.

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