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Why Drupal?

So why did we choose Drupal to handle content management and display within Invotra? Here are a few reasons why:


iO1, the company behind Invotra, have been working with Drupal since 2004 and have extensive knowledge in the CMS. From large scale websites to small, local charity websites, we’ve done it all.

In addition, we have been very active in the Drupal community and contributed huge amounts of code to Drupal including some of it’s biggest and most used modules.

Open source

Need I say more? Not only is open source software now at the heart of the Government IT strategy, it’s also in our veins. We pride ourselves on being open, from engaging with our clients to the code we write.


Drupal is very well supported. I mean, you have tens of thousands of professionals within the community that contribute code from security patches to exciting new features that we can take advantage of.

Content management

Quite simply it’s one of the best content management systems out there. From workflows and publishing to the dynamic, responsive display of content.


Drupal is often referred to as a content management platform due to being able to ‘plug-in’ functionality, known in the Drupal world as modules. This also formed the basis of our ability to implement quality search and analytics solutions.

Admittedly, search and analytics is not something Drupal is very good at. But due to it being a platform we were able to simply ‘plug-in’ Solr (search) and Piwik (analytics) which are top open source solutions in their respective fields.

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