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Part 1 – “Robust information management and rich configuration”

Invotra recently took part in the ClearBox Consulting Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report, in which our product was measured against a set of criteria. The report looked into how platforms performed in areas such as user experience and visual appeal, mobile experience, and information finding and knowledge management.

We are pleased to share some of the great feedback and observations on our product.

In the ClearBox Consulting report*, Invotra was highlighted as delivering, “robust information management and rich configuration options through a highly accessible user interface.” The report recognised many of the benefits our customers enjoy, such as strong collaboration features, granular administration and a wide range of design options

Invotra has strong features for structured information management, including search, content governance and targeted presentation of content.
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Content Creation

Within an Invotra intranet, creating content such as news articles or policies, is made simple with our intuitive user interface and the wide range of features available to inspire publishing teams.

Content creation is facilitated by features such as:

  • The easy to access content creation icon in the header

  • A rich text editor to embed various types of content, such as images and video

  • The strong focus on accessibility, including ensuring alt text for pictures is always included

  • A slide-in panel offering rich metadata options

  • Clear and straightforward flow control features, such as publishing date and approval workflow options

  • Flexibility in managing the editing process


Invotra intranets offer users a powerful, intelligent search functionality to ensure everyone can find the right information at the right time:

  • Search is easily accessed at all times by an expandable icon in the Workbar.

  • Alternative suggestions are displayed on the results page to guide users who may have made an error in search term.

  • Searches and results are filtered into four areas; content, teams, people, and locations (with the final three associated with people data).

  • Users can save search results, which adds them to the bottom of the drop-down that appears when they initially click the search icon.

Using open source search, Apache Solr powers Invotra search and offers search administrators various tools and configuration options:

  • Synonyms can be managed, a promoted search or best bets feature is available, and there are plenty of search filtering options, including tags, that can be enabled.

  • People search results include information about location, role, and contact details. Clicking on a profile leads to a well-laid-out full page of information, including buttons that link to external social media profiles.

  • An intuitive organisation chart is also available, and on the profile page there is a subset of the org chart shown, focusing on the direct reports and the management line of the employee.

Brand management

Publishing teams can trust that all content on their Invotra intranet is standardised and in keeping with brand guidelines:

  • Different editing profiles can be set up to restrict inexperienced content creators, for example preventing them from adding iframes or video.

  • Templates can also be set up as a way to guide new or inexperienced editors

  • Reference pages and policy documents offer a mechanism to signal minor or major revisions.

  • When an existing content page is updated, authors can specify a revision type and add a comment about what has changed.

  • A full audit trail of all page revisions is also contained in the product.

Content Targeting

An Invotra intranet offers internal communications teams an extensive range of functionality to ensure the right people are hearing the right messages. Functionality includes:

  • Targeting to particular groups of users, departments or regions, and role grade.

  • News editors can manage news articles from an overview page, including filters to show all draft news articles, or those pending approval

  • For crisis communication the broadcast feature creates a warning banner on the top of each page.

Invotra offers internal comms teams all of the tools needed to engage and inspire teams across organisations. To talk to us about your intranet needs, get in touch.

*The ClearBox report dives into intranets and employee experience platforms, to help customers choose the supplier which fits the needs of their organisation and their users.

Look out for our Why Invotra? Part 2 – looking at user experience and visual appeal.

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