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Part 2 - “Highly configurable” user interface and branding.

Our previous blog based on the results of the ClearBox Consulting Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report, highlighted how an Invotra intranet delivers  “robust information management and rich configuration options through a highly accessible user interface.” 

In addition to these rich configurations for information management, the report also praised the Invotra widget-based user interface.

“The widget-based user interface of Invotra is highly configurable to fit the tastes and branding requirements of a wide range of organisations.”
ClearBox Consulting
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Widgets - flexible branding and intuitive user experience

The Invotra widget-based user interface is described by the ClearBox report as being highly configurable, fitting with the tastes and branding requirements of a wide range of organisations.

Within Invotra, users with administration roles have a variety of widgets which can be used to build content pages that are “clean and intuitive”.

The report highlights how widgets support the creation of content by offering:

  • A combination of templates, predefined layouts, and an extensive library of available widgets to build pages and sections

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which lets users drag widgets into a chosen layout

  • Widgets are responsive and will adapt to the available space

  • The widgets can then be configured to dynamically pull content from the different content types such as news, blogs, queries, and ideas

  • Widgets can also be styled, to match the look and feel of the rest of the intranet.

Invotra intranet's Inplace editior with spaces to drag and drop widgets


ClearBox describe the setup of both the navigation and the information architecture of an Invotra intranet site as, “easy to do through a well-structured, comprehensive admin interface.”

Navigation within the intranet includes:

  • A traditional top-level menu with optional dropdown

  • Many options to change product colours, fonts, look and feel of navigation.

Intranet design branding admin page for colours and font face

Visual appeal

Design options that apply to the navigation on an Invotra intranet can be applied in may areas of the intranet to engage your users while meeting brand guidelines:

  • Different themes can be stored and applied when appropriate.

  • Wallpapers, and branded colourings can be applied across the intranet, or within sections or pages, which is useful to set up seasonal themes for example.

  • Sub-brand theming and design requirements are supported. The Invotra intranet provides a mechanism to change the logo and the colour of the navigation based on a user’s department or office location.

  • All aspects of product branding can be set up using the admin interface; no HTML or CSS editing is required for this.

  • Many options are available to change colours, fonts, and the look and feel of individual widgets across the intranet.

Example homepage with wallpaper background showing people working in an office

Invotra offers internal comms teams all of the tools needed to engage and inspire teams across organisations. To talk to us about your intranet needs, get in touch.

*The ClearBox report dives into intranets and employee experience platforms, to help customers choose the supplier which fits the needs of their organisation and their users.

Coming soon! Why Invotra? Part 3 – focusing on intranet collaboration and engagement 

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