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Part 3 - Strong social collaboration features offering connected engagement experiences

Our previous blogs, based on the results of the ClearBox Consulting “Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report”, highlighted how an Invotra intranet offers our customers “highly configurable” user interface and branding, and “robust information management and rich configuration”.

Another focus of the ClearBox report* was the collaborative features of Invotra’s intranet. ClearBox found that

Social collaboration features are strong, with good support for communities and social interactions in an activity feed and a message wall.”
ClearBox Consulting
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The report recognised many of the connected engagement experiences our customers enjoy, including our Groups and Message Wall which enable organisations to build and expand employee social integration on their intranet.

Group powered collaboration

Within the Invotra intranet, ClearBox focused on our Groups application which allows users to collaborate through posts, polls and documents. 

Groups features

Within the Invotra intranet, ClearBox focused on our Groups application which allows users to collaborate through posts, polls and documents. 

Groups offer users a range of features to facilitate collaboration and communication:

  • The collaborative groups can be open, closed or secret (hidden), offering the ability to work on sensitive information securely, or to arrange a birthday surprise!.

  • Users receive a notification if they are @mentioned by colleagues in any Group content, and communication is supported by features such as hashtags, likes and emojis.

  • Individual groups each have a homepage displaying a feed of member activity.

  • Tabs on the homepage also give access to Group member profiles, Group documents and a dashboard of Group statisti

The Groups homepage showing all available groups to a user and a search filter
Users can see all the Groups they belong to, and search for more

Groups benefits

Groups allow users to work together on projects and to easily access documentation, planning and team discussions:

  • A Groups home page allows users to quickly see all the Groups they belong to, and search for more.

  • Admins can set up different categories, such as social or departmental Groups, which helps users to filter the full list of Groups.

  • All content posted to Groups can be categorised and have tags applied to aid discovery.

  • The groups dashboard shows information on the activity within specific groups and over all groups, of both content and users, to ensure Groups usage is optimised.

  • Documents can be organised into folders and worked on collaboratively by Group members using the core workflow functionality. 

The homepage of a group called getting started showing a group post being written and tagged with the note tag. Also on the page are a group poll, a description of the group, some member images and a list of popular hashtags used in the group
Each Group homepage shows a feed of member activity


In addition to Groups, the ClearBox report looked at the blogging feature. The report found within blogs, just as with news articles, users can react by liking, following, sharing and ‘save for later’. Commenting on blogs can be optionally enabled by administrators and the Invotra intranet also offers both pre- and post-moderation; with pre-moderation ensuring that a comment is not visible until it is approved by a moderator.

Content edit screen for blog posts, with a WYSYIG for editing the summary and workflow options of draft. unpublish or publish and scheduling options of immediately or schedule shown
Blog editing features including content, workflow and scheduling options

Message Wall

Highlighted by ClearBox as offering connected engagement experiences, ‘Message wall’ is one of Invotra’s solutions for employee engagement. It offers an organisation’s employees a place to wish colleagues a happy birthday, send shout outs for employee recognition and kudos messages, and greetings posted to welcome new colleagues.

Message wall landing page showing 4 messages and filter for results
The Message Wall displays all posted messages, with the ability to filter by author, message category or hashtag

Message wall helps to build communication within organisations by offering:

  • Small simple ‘shout out’ cards to be sent between users

  • The aggregation and presentation of all of these messages as a wall.

  • @mentioning, likes and commenting.

Invotra offers Internal Communications teams all of the tools needed to engage and inspire teams across organisations. To talk to us about your intranet needs, get in touch.

*The ClearBox report dives into intranets and employee experience platforms, to help customers choose the supplier which fits the needs of their organisation and their users.

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