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Why my organisation has given every employee 2 extra days off per year – Life days

Invotra macmillan coffee morningWe all know that life can be extremely stressful…

Juggling work, a social life, time with family/friends and alone time can seem extremely unmanageable at times.

Usually, any standard leave that we might take off from work is often used for holidays or unavoidable obligations. Many people take holiday to look after their children or do favoursfor friends. Before we know it, we often run out of time to do important things for ourselves.

However, it was recently announced that Invotra has decided to give each employee 2 extra days off per year – ‘life days’.

These days are being offered to alleviate the general stresses of everyday life that many of us face, and are not to be confused with general holiday days.

We can now take time off to sort out a mortgage, get our finances in order or deep clean our homes! This time off is designed to allow us to regain some headspace by ticking things off from our seemingly never ending to-do lists.

However, Invotra life days are not to be taken in conjunction with ‘normal’ annual leave/holiday, ensuring that they are used for their true and proper purpose.

It’s great to work for an organisation that values the mental health and happiness of their employees to such a high standard, a business that understands how much those extra two ‘life days’ can really make a difference and reduce stress.

Thank you to the Invotra Board for introducing this new scheme.

Invotra macmillan coffee morning


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