Working together from home

During these unprecedented times, for those who have closed their workplaces and switched to remote operations, it's vitally important we stay connected with colleagues.Here, we’ve put together some top tips that we at Invotra are using to keep everyone informed, engaged and most importantly — feeling together. Broadcasts Broadcasts allow us to update all of … Continue reading Working together from home

Why being good at Mario Kart Tour might make you a great tester

Introduction The new Mario Kart Tour game has turned into the next big fad in our office, taking all of the basic themes of the classic Mario Kart games and bringing them to mobile. General chat around the office has centred around the different features of the game, what you can unlock and any cool … Continue reading Why being good at Mario Kart Tour might make you a great tester

60 seconds with our Product Manager, Billy

Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at Invotra? I am the Product Manager. I oversee the product team, as well as our strategy and roadmap. This includes design, business analysis and user testing. I am responsible for the fortnightly releases, which involves liaising with various other departments in the office such as … Continue reading 60 seconds with our Product Manager, Billy

Customer success vs customer support

What is customer success? Customer success is about consistently enabling your customers to achieve their objectives when interacting with your business. It focuses on helping your customers get the most out of your product or service – creating a positive attitude towards your business and making your customers into your most valued ambassadors. Why is … Continue reading Customer success vs customer support

Invotra News, July 2019

This month, we are thrilled to announce that Invotra has been shortlisted as the National Responsible Business Champion 2019. It’s a huge honour to be put forward for this prestigious award and we’re proud to be in the running.  Secondly, last week it was our pleasure to host Neil Owen, Deputy Digital Director at the … Continue reading Invotra News, July 2019