Invotra Queries – Look to your organisation for answers

Within any organisation, employees will have questions and queries surrounding several areas and topics. We wanted to give users a dedicated space to raise these questions, hence the evolution of Invotra Queries. The queries application enables users to make the most of their organisational database of information by giving them a platform to ask questions … Continue reading Invotra Queries – Look to your organisation for answers

Invotra 4.25 release summary

We released Invotra 4.25 on Wednesday 30th January 2019. Our primary focus for this release was to improve our user experience, with additional tasks to fix bugs . Our improvements included updating our autocomplete search for people, available for site section and group administrators. The search bar now displays user suggestions showing avatars and email addresses … Continue reading Invotra 4.25 release summary

ARIA and the Intranet

Here at Invotra, accessibility is a huge part of what we do, and as such, we use the popular ARIA library to interface with all accessibility and screen reader technologies. WAI-ARIA stands for “Web Accessibility Initiative –  Accessible Rich Internet Applications” and it helps provide information into the accessibility tree, being especially useful in situations … Continue reading ARIA and the Intranet

Building an engaging and personalised intranet homepage

For many organisations, the homepage will be the most viewed section of the intranet. Therefore, you want to be provided with the flexibility and control to choose what you want (and need) to display. Invotra prides itself on providing the tools to help you deliver an engaging and personalised user experience. Menu When it comes … Continue reading Building an engaging and personalised intranet homepage

One small step – Accessibility

It is sometimes difficult to know where to start with accessibility. You know it’s important, and you want to get it right, but how do you translate that into positive action? Every journey starts with a single step, as the old saying goes, and accessibility is just the same. Everyone on a project team has … Continue reading One small step – Accessibility