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Healthcare intranets and portals

Quality care starts with a connected service

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Invotra named as the top intranet provider for the NHS London Procurement Partnership

The NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) is a non-profit membership organisation providing business expertise to support hospitals, ambulance services and other health care providers to spend the resources allocated by government effectively and efficiently.

NHS LPP recently launched their framework for public sector organisations, and Invotra is proud to have ranked top in the category for intranet suppliers.

Productivity powers

We are here so healthcare professionals can avoid double-work and focus on their patients.


Single sign on

Rapid and secure access to all of your information and colleagues.

Applications that Invotra integrates with including g suite, google analytics, jira, aws, microsoft teams, salesforce, office, xero, mailchimp, eventbrite and survey monkey

Multiple integrations

One place for everything even if there are multiple sources of information.

Portal permissions

Bring the external resources that are vital into your network in minutes.

Communication tools

We are here so healthcare professionals can collaborate effectively and deliver for patients.

Profile fields which can now be removed via the API

Staff directory

Find and contact the person you need with quick info on their team and location.

Groups application home page displaying groups and group categories


Plan and progress projects in private so everyone is in the loop and aware of developments.

Ideas application homepage


Instant notifications whenever the content and people connected to you are updated.

Enter your details below and we will email you a branded video showing you what your Invotra healthcare intranet could look like. 


Powering more than 45% of UK Central Government’s internal comms means that
security of organisational resources is our number one priority.




Saving healthcare time and money

Design and development changes that can easily spiral in costs are instead
controlled simply and freely in Invotra admin.

Intranet Design

Identity and branding

Make the intranet entirely yours in design and experience with our design tools.

Find out more about our intranet design features

Distributed publishing

Delegate responsibility to the relevant people with author, editor and publisher roles..

Find out more about our publishing models

Social Intranet

User control

Add, delete and block internal and external members in minutes, as well as re-assign content.

"It was important to us to have Single Sign-On (SSO) across our systems and for our different volunteer bases. SSO is important for the user experience, to have one place where people can self-serve (update credit card information, addresses etc.) and access the full range of our digital promotional tools...’’
Chief Innovation Director, Sierra Club
Chris Thomas
Chief Innovation Director, Sierra Club