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Membership organisations

Secure, flexible functionality

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Intranet and portal solutions for your membership organisation

Achieve an intranet and portal which reflects your organisations ethos and allows your employees, members and stakeholders to own their content and communicate in real time, sharing the incredible work you do. 

Get up and running rapidly with all the tools and functionality you need and rely on support from Invotra to set up integrations, ensure access and security for all user types. Know that your new intranet can scale and adapt as your charity or non profit organisation grows.

Communication tools

Membership organisations of any size can benefit from the self organising and instinctive collaborative features Invotra provides.

Message wall displaying user messages, message types and hashtags

Message Wall

Break down silos with our informal Message Wall, where good luck messages, thank yous, congratulations and more can be posted. @mention individual users, or post to the whole organisation. Categories and hashtags help to catalogue messages and notifications are sent to users whenever they are mentioned in a message.

Ideas application homepage


Allow your workforce to suggest and work together on ways to improve your service and product with our collaborative applications such as ideas and queries. All employees have the ability to submit ideas for improvement that are then moderated and assigned to the correct teams for development into your next round of innovation.

Groups application home page displaying groups and group categories


Provide your employees with a collaborative workplace, where informal arrangements can be made, projects can be planned, documentation stored, and sensitive material protected. Groups can be public, private or secret and all group members are always up to date with developments with notifications sent when new content is added to a group.


Your content needs to be available to all of the relevant audiences, without putting at risk any sensitive organisational resources. Security is at the heart of Invotra’s infrastructure and portal access settings.

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Portal security

Invotra Portal provides secure control of external access, roles, and content. Portal also provides a customisable homepage so that organisational updates can be shared securely both internally and externally. Be certain that your intranet is secure and everything is traceable.

Discover more about access control with Invotra Portal

Content Management

Restricted content

Throughout both your intranet and portal content can be restricted to be viewed by specified users.

Additional controls can be added for users to publish content. Chose to have one core team or devolved publishing powers. As a result, some users can see and review content but not publish it, and other users can’t access or edit anything at all. 


Trusted parters

AWS Cognito provides MFA (Multi-Factor authorisation), authentication, and user management.

In order to provide a seamless experience and reduce manual processes, Invotra also connects with Salesforce to provide Single Sign On (SSO) authentication.


Security cleared staff

With customers including some of the most demanding departments in UK central government we are held to the highest international standards for security and governance. Our team proudly uphold these standards to keep your intranet secure and any Invotra staff dealing with sensitive information have been security cleared by the Home Office. 


Distributed content publication and silo removing features allow your membership organisation to stay in touch with all of your members, no matter how large you grow.

Intranet Design

Identity and branding

Your organisation and your branding team have complete control of your intranet and portal layout, design and user experience.

Find out more about our intranet design features

Distributed publishing

Distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation and securely out to your employees and members.

Find out more about our publishing models

Social Intranet

Community ownership

See increased adoption from your members as they recognise your intranet as the place to find out the most up to date information about events and news.

With individual profiles, roles and access rights your users will feel part of an organisation that values each and every member.

Sierra Club

Find out more about our customer, the Sierra Club, and how together we used a technical solution to help their members work smarter.

Read our interview with Sierra Club’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Thomas and its Director of Digital Product Management, Adam Kapp.


Track real time use of your intranet and user engagement with an overview of interactions and individual application dashboards informing you and your users of the most exciting topics and features on your platform right now.

Analytics and metrics

Highly secure, rich reports from Matomo offers a detailed understanding of your intranet including pages visited, time spent, number of actions, where users are clicking on a page, the date and times of all actions and much more.

Read more about Invotra’s integration with Matomo

Matamo intranet analytics dashboard
invotra dashboard

In application dashboards

Our intuitive dashboards are available for all of our applications and teams. Allow your workforce to understand where and how their voice is being heard amongst the other voices in your organisation with clear, informative data on the use of each application.

Discover more about using our dashboards for data visualisation

Flexible, mobile working

All of our features and integrations are available from any device and anywhere. With accessible working intrinsic in all our development, your users can be confident of access to your intranet wherever they are, whatever they are doing.  


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single-credential security or SSO technology makes logging into your online platforms quicker and more convenient, whilst also offering multiple security benefits.

The ability for your users to access any of the applications they may need through one, secure login could save your organisation vast amounts of time. By cutting out the need for multiple logins, your users can enjoy a seamless, connected experience.

Invotra homepage and application screens

Mobile branding

Your intranet needs to deliver your values and brand to each of your users, on any device. Keep mobile users, at a distance from your physical headquarters engaged and using exciting content and applications. In order to do this, you need to be in control of how your digital workplace appears and be able to reflect changes within your intranet quickly and accurately.

Find out more about our branding and design tools

Social intranet app group posts from a group showing @mentioning, likes and comments and categories.

Collaborative applications

Groups, Message Wall and blogs are just some of our applications which your users can use to provide real time updates to your members to keep your intranet live, up-to-date and relevant. 

All our applications are available across any device. Features such as hashtags, categories, notifications and @mentioning allow users to keep track of any updates.

Find out more about our intuitive features and applications


"It was important to us to have Single Sign-On (SSO) across our systems and for our different volunteer bases. SSO is important for the user experience, to have one place where people can self-serve (update credit card information, addresses etc.) and access the full range of our digital promotional tools...’’
Chief Innovation Director, Sierra Club
Chris Thomas
Chief Innovation Director, Sierra Club