Invotra Cloud Software

Offering two cloud software services to enable organisations of any size to evolve and grow

Invotra Silver

Designed for a medium-sized department, with at least 1,000 employees.

Invotra Silver cloud software service offers the benefits of manuals functionality, web ticketing, custom content creation and distributed publishing. It includes the ability to configure your own version of Invotra Search and comes with a fully hosted version of Matamo to manage analytics.  

Uptime is guaranteed at 98% for Invotra Silver.

Invotra Silver is available on AWS.

Invotra Gold

Designed for medium- sized departments with at least 2,500 employees. 

In addition to everything you’d get with Invotra Silver, Invotra Gold provides a dedicated account manager and helpdesk phone and email support from 0700-1900 Monday through Friday.

Uptime is guaranteed at 99% for Invotra Gold.

Invotra Gold is available on AWS.