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East Herts Council using Invotra Broadcast to keep employees informed during the Coronavirus pandemic

As part of its dedication to keeping its employees safe, connected and informed, East Herts Council are using Invotra Broadcast to send important organisation-wide communications regarding Coronavirus.


  • East Herts did not have a way to communicate short, targeted updates to staff.

  • East Herts were relying on a weekly e-newsletter distributed via an organisation-wide email or one-off organisation wide emails to advise on important notices, which were often unseen.

About East Herts

  • A local authority with 400+ employees

  • Two offices spread across the district as well as remote workers

  • First Invotra customer to utilise newly released Invotra Broadcast capability


  • To deliver a solution that allowed for organisation-wide communications to be delivered.

  • To ensure communications were acknowledged by designing the solution to remain prominent on a user’s screen until the message is ‘dismissed’.

  • To create a solution that supported the distribution of urgent, organisation-wide notices as well as team, role or location based communications.

“We are always looking to develop Invotra to meet the needs of our customers.
Invotra Broadcast was built to allow organisations to confidently deliver communications to employees, at any time, in any place - whether office based or remote working.
It’s fantastic to see East Herts leading the way as early adopters of the Invotra Broadcast capability.”
Billy Clackers
Head of Product Management, Invotra


Invotra Broadcast gives organisations the power to send tailored messages to its entire user base. Broadcasts present users with a banner notification that persists until the ‘dismiss’ button is clicked by the user.

Whether you’re opening a new office, announcing a new policy that needs review or alerting your workforce that a business area is experiencing a service outage, Invotra Broadcast is the perfect tool for both large scale and urgent communications as well as smaller scale updates and notices.

Furthermore, Invotra Broadcast can be used to target teams, roles and locations, providing an additional level of control on how you deliver your communications.


East Herts are using Invotra Broadcast to notify and update its employees with urgent communications surrounding the current coronavirus pandemic such as updates on homeworking or key decisions being made.

"With Invotra Broadcast, we now have a quick way of providing information to staff via our intranet, without the need to create and edit one off pieces of custom content or send staff emails. Invotra Broadcast is a way of delivering targeted communications meaning we can send out messages to relevant employee groups and partners without bombarding staff with irrelevant information. Having the broadcast on our intranet means that the message can be accessed anywhere, either via SSO in the office or signing in on mobile devices from outside the network. This is a great tool and one that we’re excited to start using as part of our wider internal comms strategy."
Leila Dewhurst
Digital Content Manager, East Herts Council

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