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Giving your employees a voice

Learn how our intranet and portal solutions help employees express themselves in their organisations

Why is giving employees a voice important?

Your intranet and portal can transform your organisation by providing a motivational, inspirational and collaborative toolset for your workforce, to fulfil their potential and meet the needs of your customers effectively.

Our customers are delighted with our product, onboarding support and service

Invotra’s relationship with the UK Government has gone from strength to strength. In just five years, Invotra has gained over 47% of the total end user base of civil servants in UK Central Government.

Our digital workplace gives the workforces of our enterprise and government customers the applications and communication tools to work smarter and can be used to drive service efficiencies. 

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“We’re replacing our outdated intranet with a superior service which will ultimately improve services for the public, saving both time and money. The Invotra team has been great to work with, helping us deliver the new intranet within weeks...”
Adam Reading Borough Council
Adam Bevington
Reading Borough Council

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Self-organising digital conversations, groups allow users to initiate discussions with individual posts, to reply and interact with others and collaborate using Invotra Group Docs.

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Keep your organisation up to date with the latest news. Create a news page or pull articles on to your homepage.

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Message Wall

Our Message Wall application is loved by our customers. Send a “Happy Birthday”, “Thank You”, or a “Well Done” with ease.

Blogs landing page


Create organisation-wde conversations with blogs. Users can post, rate, like, or add comments to blogs.

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Give users a dedicated space on your intranet or portal to raise questions and queries surrounding a multitude of areas and topics. which other users can submit answers to.

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Posting polls allows you to seek the opinions of colleagues on a company wide level and/or within groups.

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Involve all your staff in making changes across the organisation by submitting ideas for improvements, then moderate and
assigned to the correct teams for development.

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Invotra Groups have been very successful, working really, really well. We’re consistently setting up groups... People are also using the documents and folder system within the application which is great.
Justine Young
Justine Young,
Intranet Webmaster and Project Lead, Stevenage Borough Council


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Sharing expertise

We work alongside Léonie Watson (Accessibility engineer, member of the W3C Advisory Board and co-chair of the W3C Web Platform), an accessible user who tests our product and offers us guidance.

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accessibility presentation with audience wearing blindfolds to listen to a screen reader

Understanding need

We meet with accessible users up and down the country to better understand the
challenges that they face.


Discover more about Invotra’s work with accessibility software

anne milton and leonie watson visiting the Invotra office

Leading change

Invotra has its own ‘enABLE’ lab, an accessibility lab in our HQ Woking office where users can experience being an assistive software user in a multitude of ways.

Read about MP Anne Milton’s visit to our enABLE lab

Focusing on accessibility forces stronger consideration for UX, maintainability, consistency and quality.
Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle
Accessibility Product Manager, Invotra

Measuring success

Analytics page from Matomo

Analytics and metrics

Highly secure, rich reports from Matomo offers a detailed understanding of your intranet including pages visited, time spent, number of actions, where users are clicking on a page, the date and times of all actions and much more.

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Analytics page HERO


Our intuitive dashboards are available for all of our applications and teams. Allow your workforce to understand where and how their voice is being heard amongst the other voices in your organisation with clear, informative data on the use of each application.

Discover more about using our dashboards for data visualisation

Understanding how end users interact and behave within the intranet is a vital insight for any intranet manager in order to make informed decisions on things such as structure, layout and search configuration. It’s also important to listen and understand end user frustrations when making changes and updating the intranet.
Billy Clackers
Billy Clackers
Product Manager, Invotra