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Screenshots of messages by team, groups by content and posts by category analytics data

Measure and review interactions between your staff

Within any intranet, there is a vast accumulation of data that needs to be properly utilised and displayed. This information is created by you and your employees through everything you do, every interaction, every post gives the system information about how people are using it. In order for this data to be of use, you want to go beyond “hits”, and instead read deeper into your analytics to find out what people find relevant and important, how they interact with this and what those interactions lead to. 

Analytics and metrics

Supporting you to make business decisions

Matomo analytics dashboard

Matomo analytics

Systems such as Matomo, a leading analytics application, allow you to correlate and visualise the behaviour of your users. The highly secure, rich reports that Matomo offers allows you to gain a detailed understanding of your intranet including pages visited, time spent, number of actions, where users are clicking on a page, the date and times of all actions and much more.

Ideas analytics dashboard


Another way in which our product allows our customers to gain business intelligence is through our intuitive dashboards, which are available for all of our applications and teams. Dashboards help you to understand what actions are taking place and which locations, teams and individuals are contributing.

"Understanding how end users interact and behave within the intranet is a vital insight for any intranet manager in order to make informed decisions on things such as structure, layout and search configuration. It’s also important to listen and understand end user frustrations when making changes and updating the intranet."