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Content management

Take charge of the information in your enterprise

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Designed to keep content relevant and compelling

We’ve made publishing simple with sections, widgets and content types. Start straight from the workbar to create, relate and set up a workflow for local and global publishing teams. Whenever content goes live, widgets pull through the desired details and group them under a customisable title so pages stay fresh and up to date.


There are several items you can create using Invotra, from manuals to policies to news items. With widgets, choose the items you want to display so that whenever you publish something new it automatically appears for users. Filter and search by item, and find what you need to focus on the job at hand.

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Publishing powers

Instant publishing that’s considered and traceable. Pass work and comments between authors, editors and publishers with Workflow, check back to revisions to pinpoint changes, clone an item and half the time to create repeating content.

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Produce regular, accurate and traceable content in a publishing team. Create a global, intranet-wide team or localise your teams to sections. Distributed or centralised publishing teams can then change workflow states from draft to needs review to reviewed to published. at each stage, the relevant member of the team is notified. Add workflow comments before every state change so the next person is aware of any amends, ideas or instructions that need to be reviewed and considered.

Revisions table

Master your publishing experience by tracking the changes made to your content. You can see who did what and when, checking comments to understand why something has happened. It’s the best way to keep on top of due diligence so the information in your enterprise is always up to date and accurate. If you want to go back to the original version from the latest version, you can.

Editing and cloning option on ideas page

Speed up the creation by cloning items. The configuration and ownership stays the same so that all you have to do is replace the title, summary and body. Cloning is great for boosting productivity and increasing accuracy, especially if you’re building out a section that requires you to create a lot of content.

Search screen results for policy

Set implementation and review dates on policies to maintain the highest levels of governance in your enterprise. Once you’re confident everyone has access to the correct guidelines, link related policies to make it easier for everyone to access and absorb more vital information. By targeting policies only the relevant teams and locations view them.

Archive option found on content editing page

Instead of deleting content, archiving stops content from appearing in search results. People can still choose to include archived content in their results, and publishers can re-publish archived content in just one click.

WYSIWYG editor

Control consistency across your information by choosing how many options are available in someone’s WYSIWYG editor. In administration, configure the buttons for a webmaster who controls everything, an author adding weekly news items and a regular user who blogs every now and then.