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Speed up the everyday and simplify the complex

When you need to find what you’re looking for fast, use Invotra’s enterprise search. Invotra’s ever-present search bar makes jumping to and locating the right person, team or information on your intranet the natural first step. We also have local search bars for content managers of large business areas who need a more focused option they can control. In short, say goodbye to A to Zs wherever you are.

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Using Apache Solr

Offering full-text search, faceted search, and near real-time indexing, Apache Solr can also be integrated with a huge variety of business applications. It’s what will make the journey through your growing and evolving digital workplace a seamless experience.

Enterprise search features

Tailor your search capabilities to meet your users’ needs. Configure settings to recognise the various unique and interchangeable terms of your enterprise, while ensuring specific areas with local search bars only return results based on certain criteria.

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Unique synonyms

Our search uses an industry standard list of synonyms and allows enterprise relevant bi-directional search synonyms to be set by webmasters so nothing is missed.

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Relevant results

Customise your results page to show the information and metadata you judge to be most relevant to your enterprise. You can also adjust how results are displayed, limiting the number and type of results that are returned in any search.​

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Search highlights

Promote certain content at certain times using highlights. Once activated, it will move highlighted content to the top of any search without impacting search bias. It’s a great way to spread important information fast, especially if that information contains commonly-used search terms.