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Enterprise search

Find the knowledge you need, fast

Enterprise search - hero

Invotra’s ever-present search in the workbar makes jumping to the right content, person, team or location a natural first step. With local search bars available too, section managers of specific areas can help their users with a more focused search option they control.

Offering full-text search, faceted search, and near real-time indexing, we use Apache Solr, allowing integrations with a huge variety of business applications. It’s what will make the journey through your growing and evolving digital workplace a seamless experience.

Enterprise search - Search bar showing the search dropdown to select a search in People, teams, content or locations

Enterprise search features

Tailor your search capabilities to meet your users’ needs. Configure settings to recognise the various unique and interchangeable terms of your enterprise, while ensuring specific areas with local search bars only return results based on certain criteria.

Synonyms admin page with add new synonym field

Unique synonyms

Our search uses an industry standard list of synonyms and lets you set up your own bi-directional search synonyms so nothing is missed.

Relevant results from a user search displayed

Relevant results

Customise results pages to show the information that’s most relevant to your enterprise. You can also limit the number of results per page.

people search results

Promoted content

Promoted content appears above all other results whenever someone searches for a specific term. You control promoted content in administration.