Invotra works seamlessly with your current SaaS tools

Illustration of Invotra's integrations with other products and services

The modular approach to digital architecture

Connect your existing and future applications with Invotra integrations. Incorporate Google Drive, Office365, Salesforce and Jira into our Single Sign-On experience, reducing the potential for distraction and user error around passwords. You’ll be able to reference, work in and manage your files and folders as normal, while consolidating all communication and collaboration in your intranet.

Jira logo

Jira, one of the world’s leading project management tools, speeds up the connections people need to make with business-critical information.

Through Jira’s powerful API, users can simply type the code of their Jira task or paste a link within a Group post and the information for that task will automatically appear. 

Zapier logo

Invotra uses Zapier to enable our customers to get the most that they possibly can out of our product by providing the ability to connect over 1,500 applications. 

Using ‘Zaps’, you can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Microsoft teams logo

Invotra can connect with Microsoft Teams in a multitude of ways.
Enabling this integration allows Invotra intranet users to: 

Create a channel in Teams then automatically have a group made in Invotra or vice versa

Create a post in a Teams channel then automatically have that post created in Invotra in the corresponding group or vice versa

Prevalent throughout many businesses and sectors, Invotra easily integrates Google applications like Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Slides into our toolbar. 

We understand just how important a seamless user experience is, which is why Invotra can be the single point of access to all your business-critical applications.

Salesforce logo (square)

If you have staff, volunteers, members or users registered and signed into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform Salesforce, you can confirm and authorise those same users directly into Invotra via single sign on (SSO). 

All users will have important details automatically imported from Salesforce every time they log in.

​Use the registered app in the Azure AD portal to set specific permissions. Our team has worked with more than 100,000 user organisations to successfully configure SSO in the cloud.

Google analytics logo transparent

Combine with our in-product dashboards to keep your analytics processes consistent. 

The vital information on user interactions and content performance can be delivered directly to your desktop, using tools such as Power BI or Yellow Fin. 

OneDrive logo

Our One drive integration allows your users to authenticate to OneDrive and view and select files to upload.

Your organisation has the freedom to enable or disable OneDrive according to your needs and your users are able to choose whether to connect to OneDrive.

"Integrations allow you to expand the capabilities of your intranet whilst centralising business-critical tools; streamlining your employee experience and increasing productivity"
Billy Clackers
Billy Clackers
Product Manager