Intranet portal

Expanding your reach, influence and potential

Intranet portal settings on invotra
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Whether you’re a multinational, government department or non-profit, strengthen your external relationships by sharing your information and knowledge directly. Closely collaborating and gaining that all-important external perspective. As with everything in Invotra, you can customise and configure your intranet portal setup to confidently establish who can see and do what, from read-only restrictions to publishing powers.

Expand your reach

Portal is the simple and secure way to give those on the outside of your enterprise access to your intranet. 


Give your customers secure and private access to their account. Whenever they need it and wherever they are, you’re information and updates will be seamlessly delivered.


Give your investors the brand experience they expect, while delivering the intuitive and secure communications tools to share your valuable knowledge and resources.

Media partners and enquirers

Give your media partners instant access to our smart content creation features if they are publishing news, or direct the relevant exclusive information to them whenever they sign in.

Member base

Apps such as Groups, Blogs and Ideas, mean your members are always engaged, involved and valued. Interactions are natural and naturally build the trust a membership organisation relies on.

Partners and suppliers

Save valuable time by giving your external suppliers and partners sight of the original information you need them to see. Zero duplication and guaranteed governance. 

Students and teachers

Students and teachers can expect an instant and smooth multi-device experience, improving communication and increasing productivity. Invotra is your intranet becoming the catalyst for community building and effective learning, just like you want it to be.