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Intranet portal

Expand your reach, influence and potential

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Giving those on the outside the inside track, with portal access

Whether you’re a multi-national, government department or non-profit, strengthen external relationships by sharing information and knowledge directly. Having that vital external perspective and input is simple and secure with portal. As with everything we do, Invotra lets you customise and configure your portal to control who can see and do what, from read-only restrictions to publishing powers.

A true view of your enterprise’s culture

Bring external resources inside your enterprise in a way that just isn’t possible with email, chat rooms or task-based apps. Partners and suppliers can access the exclusive and official information they need without interrupting your management teams. You also benefit by gaining the latent knowledge external resources provide, instead of it being lost through a disjointed communication.

Who can benefit from portal access?

Here are some examples of how our current customers take advantage of their intranet portal.


Provide secure and private access to your customers’ accounts. Whenever they need it and wherever they are, your information and updates are available.


Give investors the brand experience they expect, while delivering intuitive and secure communications to share your knowledge and resources.

Media partners and enquirers

Give media partners access so they can create content if they are publishing news on your behalf or need a quick access route to the relevant exclusive information.

Member base

Apps like Groups, Blogs and Ideas, keep members engaged and make them feel valued. Interactions are natural and build the trust a membership organisation relies on.

Partners and suppliers

Save valuable time by giving your external suppliers and partners sight of the original information you need them to see. Zero duplication and guaranteed governance.

Students and teachers

Students and teachers can expect an instant and smooth multi-device experience, improving communication and increasing productivity. Turn your intranet into a catalyst for community building and effective learning.

Intranet Portal Customer Case Study

Conquest consultancy case study pages

Conquest Consultancy Launch An Intranet Portal To Communicate And Collaborate With Clients On A Whole New Level

Download your copy of the case study to discover how Invotra supports Conquest Consultancy in: