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The Invotra Mobile App

Put your enterprise in the palm of your hand

invotra mobile app
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The Invotra Mobile App

The Invotra mobile app connects you to the information you need to do great work. It’s how organisations create a fully connected, engaged and collaborative way of working for their employees.

Start each day with the knowledge you need to be at your best. Sharing notes and documents with colleagues, while staying on top of projects and taking care of tasks.

What’s more, the mobile app is absolutely secure with Invotra Auth’s multi-factor authentication and single sign-on capabilities.

Download the app

Available to download from the App Store, the Invotra app helps to bring focus to workdays and boost productivity wherever you are. Learn more about getting started with the Invotra app.

The tools at your fingertips

Because Invotra Intranet is available in the cloud, every employee can access the information they need no matter where they are.

Mobile Branding

Alter the aesthetic for your mobile app or mirror your intranet’s desktop experience. Whatever your approach might be, customise everything in Admin in minutes.

Single Sign-On

SSO makes logging in quick and convenient, as well as secure. Precisely what you and your enterprise need when it comes to your information and data.

Responsive design

If you don’t have the app, you can still access your intranet in a web browser using our progressive web application. Here’s how to set PWA up on your mobile and desktop.

invotra connects you to the people and information you need to do your best work
make everything accessible and familiar for your workforce
organise your knowledge and resources in a clear and collaborative way
where work is more profressional for large scale enterprises