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Make evidence-based decisions on real-time data

Analytics page HERO
Analytics showing tope message types, a message wall counter and top locations

Informed decision making

The daily accumulation of data in your enterprise is extremely valuable to your enterprise. Every creation, publication and interaction is more insight into how people are consuming and contributing to your information. With Invotra, you can go way beyond the ‘hits’ and dive deeper to discover the information people find most relevant and useful.

Analytics and metrics

Driving positive change with data

Analytics page from Matomo


Invotra partners with open-source analytics applications, such as Matomo and Google Anayltics, that correlate and visualise the behaviour of users. Producing highly secure, information-rich reports give you a detailed understanding of the information and collaboration on your intranet. Include pages visited, time spent, where users clicked, date and time of actions, and much more.

Invotra Message Wall Analytics Dashboard


Another route to business intelligence is through our intuitive dashboards in Invotra Apps and Teams directory page. Dashboards give you a quick overview to help you understand what actions are taking place and which locations, teams and individuals are contributing.

"Understanding how end users interact and behave within the intranet is a vital insight for any intranet manager in order to make informed decisions on things such as structure, layout and search configuration. It’s also important to listen and understand end user frustrations when making changes and updating the intranet."