Mobile working

An intranet and portal providing flexible, responsive and secure resources​

Image of Invotra mobile app in use on an Iphone X

An intranet and portal providing mobile working through flexible, responsive and secure resources

With our product available in the cloud, mobile working using your intranet is available for any employee anywhere – securely. Staff can keep up to date with all organisational news and log in to any internal system with single, secure login. All of the valuable collaboration tools are available on our app allowing team work to continue wherever employees are, on documents or policies, with the same comment, edit and publish functions.

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Invotra App

Available to download from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, the Invotra app gives professionals access to their People Directory and the exclusive information they need to continue collaborating with their colleagues.  You’ll be able to access all your groups and receive notifications so that you always have the latest details at your fingertips.

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Mobile working tools

With our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere – securely. 

Mobile branding

Our specific mobile branding features allows consistency across all devices which ensures your organisation branding is maintained regardless of how it is accessed.          

Single-sign on

Single credential security or Single sign on (SSO) technology makes logging into your online platforms quicker and more convenient, whilst also offering multiple other benefits to the reliability of your security.


Access Invotra from home or from anywhere; our product was built with mobile devices in mind ensuring your experience using our product is consistent wherever you are.