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People directory

The people at the heart of your enterprise

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Connecting daily, collaborating easily

Personalise your profile with professional skills and personal interests, while making it clear which team you’re in and where you’re based. It’s quick and easy to find the right person or people you need for the task at hand. Everyone’s contact details are just one search away.

Supercharge your HR systems

All of the information contained in your intranet is connected to the people in your directory.


Create detailed and interactive profiles, showcasing your talents and interests as well as your role and progress at work. For a truly connected enterprise, individuals have a space to be themselves and make contact with anyone directly. Say goodbye to email chains and wild goose chases.

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Add a badge to your profile so that your first aid skills and fire warden responsibilities are obvious to colleagues. Badges group profiles together and highlight locations so HR can be sure that certain skills are always available during work hours. Customise badges to fit your enterprise, adding a name and icon for people to attach to their profiles.


It’s where you go to discover everything about the teams in your enterprise. Who the team lead is, where people are based, how big a team is and what skills are available.

Access individual profiles through teams and contact them directly. Setting up teams from your existing HR data is simple with Invotra.

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No matter how many offices you have, every detail is made available for people to find. Use locations if you don’t share a postcode or work remotely. You also can reveal the top locations by size, skills and the number of teams. To only ever see the relevant details for people and teams, target searches at specific locations.

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Business structure

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Org Chart

Promote an open and transparent culture with a management structure that’s clear for everyone. Org chart is a detailed flowchart that visually demonstrates and details your enterprises hierarchy. This can be added to any section across your intranet, depending on where you think the information is most useful.

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Team Chart

Be clear on the relationships and resources available in your enterprise. Team chart enables people to drill down into the information they need to plan projects and arrange support. Discovering a team’s purpose, its individuals and locations as well as its skills and experience; quickly find the people you need to contact.