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Open up your workforce to make good connections and collaboration an everyday thing. People can personalise their profile with images, add their interests and hobbies, while making their contact details, office location and professional qualities clear for everyone to see. 

Investigating who does what in teams is a great way to identify the right person, or collection of people, to answer a question or recruit for a project. Similarly, search office locations to identify the people and teams you want to meet when you’re next in town. 

People Directory features

Invotra’s People Directory will supercharge your HR systems and is the ideal replacement for one-dimensional staff directories.


Create detailed and interactive profiles for everyone in your business to discover. Showcase your talents and interests as well as your position and progress at work. Profiles are designed to create a connected business, giving individuals a presence and platform to be themselves and to be more regularly presented with opportunities to make a real difference. Say goodbye to email chains and wild goose chases, and hello to a simple search, insight and interaction with the co-worker you’re looking for.

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Add a badge to your profile so that your first aid skills and fire warden responsibilities are obvious for you co-workers, who could need you at any moment. Badges will also group together and be split into office locations so HR can be sure that the right amount of people with a certain skill are always available during work hours. You can make badges for anything you want, just add an icon in admin and people can add it to their profiles. 


Everything you need to know about the teams in your business in one place. From the team lead, to where individuals are based, to the size and skills available. You can access individual profiles through a team’s page, as well as contact every member of one team directly if that’s what you need to do.  Assign an administrator to keep details up to date, which is particularly useful for new starters who might not have met everyone. Setting up teams with your existing data is simple, as Invotra is compatible with most HR systems.

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No matter how many buildings and offices you have in however many locations, every essential detail will be stored and displayed on your intranet. Locations is incredibly useful to search for the information you need if you don’t share a postcode or if you work remotely. Target searches at specific locations to only ever see the relevant details for people and teams. Or, cast your net wider to reveal the top locations by the number of people, as well as the common skills and teams each location has before delving deeper.

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Business structure


To help promote a culture of openness and transparency, make your business’ management structure absolutely clear for everyone in your business. With ‘Org Chart’, you can create a detailed flowchart that visually demonstrates and details your hierarchy, that is, who is positioned where. This can be added to any section across your intranet, depending on where you think the information is most useful for your users.

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Bring all of your teams together so that anyone at any time can be clear on the relationships and resources available in your business. Using teams is a great way for people to drill down into the information they need to complete a task. Discovering a team’s purpose, its individuals and locations, as well as its skills and experience, you’ll quickly find the person or people to contact. Teams is also a great way to identify similar users and teams across the business.