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Publishing model

Get more work done by sharing the load

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Controlling the information in your enterprise

For enterprises with legacy systems and tens of thousands of employees, knowing where to start with content can be a daunting prospect. With Invotra, this responsibility does not have to fall on an individual or small team.

Every area and section that’s created can have its own publishing team with permissions cascading from author to editor to publisher to manager. This puts the people who know best at the source of your intranet’s content while establishing a solid review and sign off process.

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Consistency through templates

With templates, you can avoid disjointed and unusable designs due to multiple people creating content. Webmasters save a layout, widgets and widget configurations as a template so publishing teams to then select when they hit publish. Images, body copy, dates and related links always will all appear the same.

Intranet design - layouts

Governance and review

Section members

Distribute information sensitively and effectively with different members and roles in sections.

Workflow review

Publishing roles naturally have a three step review process from author to editor to publisher.

Knowledge sourcing

Every section in your information network can be managed by the most qualified individual.