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Social intranet

Working together on everything from
key projects to good causes

Social Intranet product features including a message, an idea, the group post creation section and 2 profile highlights

Where colleagues share knowledge, experiences and ideas

Our apps are all about collaboration and engagement. In Groups, round up the people you need to get the job done in an open, transparent and traceable way. Blogs and Message Wall inspire people to reach out to others, to share stories and build bridges. While Ideas and Queries are a direct line of communication with the decision-makers and a voice to drive positive change.

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What’s great about Groups

Put some focus in your workdays with the right people in the right place. When group members post updates into a feed it keeps everyone in the group in the loop.

You can also create Group Docs and Folders to organise your information for everyone to contribute to collectively. Groups often take on a life of their own with people tackling projects as well as planning parties.

It won’t be long until there are public,  private and secret Groups for everything in your organisation.

Groups Docs

Create and share Group Docs with everyone in your group before organising into folders. All members of a group can access your Group Docs and start contributing. Group Docs add traceability to projects, collaboration to workflows and free up your inbox.

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Go public, private or secret​

Make your group public so anyone can join, contribute and view its content. If you want to control membership, private groups give you the permissions to do so. And if it’s strictly need-to-know, secret groups are only visible to users who have been invited.

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Introducing our Apps


Bring your whole self to work with blogs and share personal experiences with your colleagues. Blogs can be a powerful tool to raise awareness on the big issues your business is tackling or to simply brighten up someone’s afternoon break. Inform, educate, inspire… it’s up to you.

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Message Wall

Message wall is super for the small and perfectly formed shout-outs you want to give to a star member of your team or to make the new starter feel at home. Birthdays, promotions, thank-yous and so on, are all subjects we’d encourage, as well as our favourite: ‘Crimes in the kitchen’.

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Canvass the opinion of an entire enterprise or gauge the temperature of a specific team. Polls are a fast and effective way to pose a question with a set of answers, so users can instantly contribute and influence anything from a desk reshuffle to a location for leaving drinks.

Read more about Polls


Harness the power of ideas with our Ideas app. It gives people the chance to read others that have been submitted and to submit their own eureka moment. Ideas is the ideal way to open up your enterprise to collective thinking and a more united way to achieve progress.

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A dedicated space for professionals to ask the questions that matter to them. It means you can engage with management and the rest of your business directly to get good answers from the right people. Make the most of the know-how in your business and inspire others to do the same.

Develop your own

Our customers are all unique and so are their needs. We’ve developed 100s of bespoke apps to give them the solutions that improve their processes and bring everything into one place, on their intranet.


Find the answers with Webforms

Asking questions and getting responses has never been easier. Whether it’s to 100,000 employees in 4 countries, or a team of 20 in 1 office – do it with Webforms. Collect and analyse invaluable responses and insights to make informed decisions that benefit everyone.

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Interacting with Comments

Give people the opportunity to comment on content and interact with each other. For publishers and managers, there’s no better way to regulate information and find out what people think. @mentioning people will send them a notification.

Staying informed

With Feed and Notifications in your workbar, no-one will ever miss an update that’s related to them or their work again.

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Always on the pulse with relevant content: the people you follow, groups you’re in and content you create. Filter between all three and sort by dates to speed up searches. Access your personalised feed from the workbar and get involved.

Learn more about our newsfeed

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When a user interacts with you by commenting on your content or @mentioning you in a Group Post, you’ll get a notification. From your notifications, you can make a call on how urgent something is and jump straight into a response.

Find out more about notifications

Comment using @mentioning and displaying user details for 2 possible results


Get someone’s attention by @mentoning them in posts, comments, replies and messages. They’ll instantly receive a notification from which they can go straight to what you want them to see.

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