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GOV.invotra Case study

Helping government to work as one by sharing costs and resources

Invotra created ‘GOV.invotra’, back in September 2017. Initially used by customers from central government departments, it is now a hub for all of our government customers, including five local authorities.


Before coming to Invotra, a lot of government departments knew they wanted the same thing, but didn’t have the resources to talk to each other. Regularly, an individual department would raise issues and attempt to solve them while another department had already solved something very similar. The idea was to allow these departments to have one voice, one goal by providing them a portal, on which government departments could collaborate and share resources.

Additionally, our government customers were keen to collaborate on best practices for their Invotra intranets. Everyone had their own ideas and strategies but they had no platform in which to share and support each other during implementation and development of their intranets.

About GOV.invotra

  • A centralised portal used by all
    Invotra government customers

  • A great opportunity to share
    learnings and overcome

  • A knowledge-management
    centre for government


  • To help the government to work as one, benefitting from each other’s resources and knowledge.

  • To utilise the information shared on GOV.invotra to continually evolve Invotra as a future-proof product.


Invotra created GOV.invotra to bring together Invotra and its extensive government customer base, facilitating communications between both central government and local authorities.

GOV.invotra is offered to Invotra’s government customers at no extra cost. The platform offers a wide range of product articles that outline the newest features of the product, allowing for quick feedback and discussions between not only Invotra’s product team and customers but amongst customers themselves.


Shared costs – Any project commissioned by one customer, for example an application such as Invotra Ideas, is made available to all other customers, free of charge. These shared costs and benefits mean that smaller organisations can benefit from the budgets of larger organisations.

Feedback – End users have the opportunity to work closely with Invotra employees, providing us with vital feedback to make our product a platform built for government, by government.

Uniting government – Users can communicate and collaborate with their fellow government peers, sharing lessons learned, best practices and new ideas.

Product evolution – Multiple features and applications designed and tested by a unified government customer-base.

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