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HMRC Case Study

Invotra migrates over 100,000 pages and files for HMRC to their new intranet

Invotra’s customer, HMRC, were retiring their legacy intranet which resulted in a need to migrate over 100,000 varying pages and files to their new Invotra intranet platform.


  • The biggest challenge was ensuring that the content and links within content did not break when being imported.

  • There were various HTML translation issues that needed to be resolved before their content was in an appropriate format for importing.

  • HMRC were pulling HTML from various different platforms, therefore, there was no consistency or structure across the content.

  • A number of the files were very large and required additional attention when importing.

About HMRC

  • A non-ministerial department of the UK Government

  • Responsible for the collection of taxes, the payment of some forms of state support and the administration of other regulatory regimes

  • An organisation with 78,000 employees


To successfully migrate all of HMRC’s data, which included a combination of the following: Sections, Pages, News, Media Files and Manuals. The files were to be separated into over 10+ different datasets and prioritised accordingly based on level of importance to HMRC.  


To begin with, Invotra worked with HMRC to offer assistance in figuring out which content they wanted to migrate.

Invotra conducted a discovery phase whereby two of its employees spent 5 days with HMRC, reviewing the content that they wished to import and deciding what content types they should appear as on the new platform. The purpose of the discovery phase was to review the HTML of the content and highlight any issues or challenges that would occur as part of the migration.

From this, Invotra were then able to work with HMRC to correct the HTML, or in the cases where this wasn’t possible, offer an alternative within the product for what they were trying to achieve. Once this was complete, Invotra then worked with HMRC to prioritise their dataset for migration and built content importers in line with the format to ensure that the content was migrated correctly and into the content types that Invotra offer.

HMRC in London


Invotra project managed the migration end to end, which ended up taking just 7 months. Invotra ensured that after the migration was complete, staff would have a good user experience, with simple access to easily readable content. Key successes include:

  • Successful migration of over 100,000 pieces of content from the legacy intranet to newly selected Invotra intranet

  • HMRC’s staff experience was uninterrupted when they were looking for content throughout the migration process

  • It is now much easier for staff to access content as it is broken down into taxonomies

  • HMRC now has a platform that offers tools and applications (Staff Directory, Ideas, Forums, Blogs and more) that help to drive collaboration


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