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The Home Office saves taxpayers money by retiring 5 legacy contracts with Invotra

The Home Office wanted to avoid extending multiple contracts with external providers and instead wanted to migrate several applications into their Invotra intranet within a short period of time.


  • Applications of this size would usually take a very long time to specify, develop and migrate, however, the Home Office only had 5 months until their contracts expired.

  • The applications had to be fully migrated within the 5 months to avoid commercial implications from the existing suppliers.

  • As the intranet was already in use by the Home Office and other customers, Invotra had to ensure that when introducing these new applications, the user experience that already existed was not affected.

  • As a SaaS product, anything Invotra develops and releases with one customer immediately becomes available to all customers. Therefore, Invotra had to ensure each application was developed in a way that allowed all of Invotra’s customers to benefit.

About the Home Office

  • Ministerial department of Her Majesty’s Government

  • An organisation with 33,000 Civil Servants

  • The UK’s fifth largest government department

  • Since 1782, the Home Office has played a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the United Kingdom


Invotra was tasked with assisting the Home Office in their termination of 5 applications. This task was set to be delivered within a 5 month time frame. These applications were critical services to the Home Office that needed to be migrated before they were decommissioned on the existing servers.


Invotra assembled a project team to meet with each of the application owners to understand the purpose of each system and how Invotra could help them improve the applications as part of the migration. Invotra then worked closely with the project team and key stakeholders to put together specific requirements for each application, for which all parties had to agree on.

Following this, our design and product teams created the visuals for each of the applications to show how they would look and behave within our product.

Once signed off, Invotra were responsible for the development and testing of the applications followed by scheduling their release into the intranet within the given time frame.

We are delighted with what we have achieved. It has been a real team effort and I hope you are as proud about that as we are.
The Home Office, London
Home Office


Invotra achieved the set goals in the desired time frame requested, meaning that the Home Office were able to retire their expensive contracts with their previous suppliers. Not only this, but now their users have simple access to all the applications they needed, all located in one centralised platform.

  • Cost: The Home Office were paying a significant amount to maintain the servers that hosted these applications. By migrating the applications into Invotra, there would only be a one-off cost, but going forward, the applications would be covered in the monthly user license cost as part of their SaaS contract with Invotra.

  • User Experience: Invotra created a centralised platform that serves an array of purposes for the Home Office’s staff through one single platform. By migrating these applications into the intranet, users would also be able to benefit from Single Sign On (SSO) authentication and would no longer need to remember passwords for multiple platforms.

  • Support: The applications were nearing end of life support and therefore, would not have been supported going forward. With Invotra being a SaaS product, support and improvements surrounding the applications would be continuously maintained.

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