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We stand with the people of Ukraine against this inhumane breach of human rights. We are in awe of their brave fight and unwillingness to give in to defeat and will do whatever we can to support our colleagues and friends in their hour of need.
Ми виступаємо разом з народом України проти цього нелюдського порушення прав людини. Ми вражені їхньою хороброю боротьбою і протистоянням, та зробимо все можливе, щоб підтримати наших колег і друзів у цей важкий час

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Invotra 5.0 - Laptop and Mobile with message wall and a profile page displayed

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Invotra 5.0 - Laptop and Mobile with message wall and a profile page displayed

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Customer testimonials

Home Office
Home OfficeUK Central Government Customer
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"We are delighted with what we have achieved. It has been a real team effort and I hope you are as proud about that as we are."
Adam Bevington
Adam BevingtonReading Borough Council
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“We’re replacing our outdated intranet with a superior service which will ultimately improve services for the public, saving both time and money. The Invotra team has been great to work with, helping us deliver the new intranet within weeks. We’re looking forward to continually improving efficiencies, extending access and launching new features to benefit Reading Borough Council staff, residents and businesses.”
Justine Young
Justine YoungStevenage Borough Council
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"The new intranet has really changed the way that we work. It’s been particularly great for our comms department. Previously, comms was extremely restricted and it’s allowed people to realise that they can now approach comms with content/news which is great as we are spread across two locations so we’re getting a lot more involvement."
Richard Protheroe
Richard ProtheroeStevenage Borough Council
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"Our employees can’t wait to get quick and easy access to up-to-date information which helps them provide great services for the people and organisations within Stevenage. In particular, for employees who are largely off site and don’t have a desk or computer, like refuse collectors, they can now access the intranet on their mobiles anytime and anywhere."

Our customers

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