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Invotra and Sierra Club Case Study video

Thank you for your interest in our case study video. A downloadable video transcript, subtitled version of the video and a copy of the transcript text are all available on this page.

Descriptive video transcript

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Subtitled video

Video transcript text

Case Study

Invotra integrated with Salesforce to help authenticate 600K members of Sierra Club

(Sierra Club and Invotra logos)

We work with a lotof different vendors, and

they tend to fall intodifferent categories.

Vendors that are very difficult to work with,

and there’s the bunch in the middle,and then there’s the people that are

truly a delight to work with.

And I have to say Invotra is in that last category.

They’re a delight to work with.

Director of Information and Communications Systems, Sierra Club


Integration with Salesforce

User access and permissions controls

Portal for external members, supporters and volunteers

Mobile access and responsive design


Improved user experience

Seamless SSO log in

Secure intranet and portal access

Download the case study

Invotra integrated with Salesforce to authenticate 600K members of Sierra Club

(Sierra Club and Invotra logos, and pages of the case study shown)

Download the Sierra Club & Invotra Case Study

3 pages of the sierra club case study

Invotra has integrated with Salesforce to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for its US customer, Sierra Club.

Download the case study to find out how Invotra has supported Sierra Club to: