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Home Office and DWP case study

Home Office & Department for Work and Pensions - Giving employees a voice with Invotra Ideas

Home Office approached Invotra in 2015 with a set of applications that they wanted to migrate into Invotra. One of these applications was Ideas. Department for Work and Pensions then approached Invotra in 2017 with a very similar requirement.


  • Implementing an entire application would usually take a significant amount of time but Invotra had to deliver the project for Home Office within a few months

  • Invotra had to ensure a smooth migration of existing data

  • It was essential that the existing user experience was not impacted when switching and that end users continued to be provided with the functionality that they were accustomed to

  • All applications that Invotra release are available to all other customers so Invotra had to make sure that the solution would benefit every organisation

About Home Office and Department for Work and Pensions

  • Ministerial departments of Her Majesty’s Government

  • A combined total of over 130,000 employees

  • DWP is the largest government department in the United Kingdom

  • Home Office is the fifth largest government department in the United Kingdom


To deliver an Ideas application that would allow employees to submit their ideas to the rest of the organisation whilst providing a superior experience for the intranet teams that would manage the application.


The Ideas application itself allows idea administrators to:

  • Configure the Ideas homepage to cater for their needs using our in-place editing functionality

  • Define the categories in which ideas can be created, such as ‘communications’, ‘technology’ etc.

  • Configure and map the workflow for ideas such as ‘open’, ‘in progress’, ‘awaiting review’ and ‘closed’

  • Control the fields available for an idea and the emails which are sent out once an idea is submitted

  • Moderate, review and assign ideas to the right people within the organisation to ensure they are fit for purpose

  • Report, filter and export all ideas that have been submitted to facilitate reporting to senior stakeholders


The Ideas application allows end users to:


  • Share their ideas with the organisation

  • Search, like, comment and follow other ideas within the business

  • Access their own ideas in order to track their progress

For both projects with Home Office and DWP, Invotra pulled together project teams which met with the key stakeholders for the existing applications to understand the user stories and requirements.

Invotra then put all of these requirements and designs into a readable format. Once the requirements and designs were signed off, Invotra then developed, tested and migrated existing data across before rolling out the application to live. Following that, Invotra then supported the customer with the delivery of the new application by offering training and any materials needed such as instructional/informative documentation.


We delivered the Ideas solution for both Home Office and DWP in the desired time frames allowing them both to retire existing applications and enhance their employee experience by having a single source for both their intranet and ideas.

  • Government Ideas: Almost 3000 ideas submitted and resolved across both departments, helping to build a better Government

  • Cost: Taxpayers’ money saved by replacing 2 legacy systems. By migrating the applications across to Invotra, the maintenance and any evolvements of the application are included in Invotra’s SaaS monthly cost, incurring no extra costs

  • Seamless user experience: Employees no longer need to log into separate applications to voice their Ideas. Instead, they have a centralised platform in which they can access everything they need

  • Support: Both applications were reaching their end of life in Home Office and DWP which would mean that they would no longer be supported which was a security concern. With Invotra, support for the entire intranet, including all applications, is included as standard in our service offering

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